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✨ About "GOLD STAR" ✨

GOLD STAR is the brainchild of Tehya Deardorff.

Her music is best described as riffy, twangy fuzz rock with consistent nods to proto-punk and '90s alternative rock. GOLD STAR's lyrical content documents the midwestern lesbian experience through various lenses: from meaningful reflection to sardonic self-deprecation.

The project's aesthetics and sound are largely informed by early 2000s web design, 1950s American rock 'n' roll and surf rock, 1960s country, 1970s proto-punk and afropop, as well as an endless host of modern influences.

All GOLD STAR songs are composed at the Sapphic Ranch by Tehya Deardorff. She is assisted in the 'studio' by her wife, Rachel, and their three cats: Meatball, Tuna, and Miss Rita.

📦 Tehya's Gear List 📦

🎸 GUITARS & BASSES 🎸 ✶ 1960s MIJ Apollo Double Cut
✶ 2015 Fender 60th Anniversary American Standard Stratocaster
✶ ~2000 Fender Squier P-Bass
📱 GUITAR PEDALS 📱 ✶ Green Russian Big Muff Pi
✶ MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
✶ MXR Sugar Drive
📢 AMPLIFIERS 📢 ✶ Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb
✶ Ampeg Micro VR Bass Amp Head
💽 SOFTWARE & PLUG-INS 💽 ✶ Ableton Live 11
✶ ValhallaDSP - plugins for reverb and delay
✶ GuitarRig 6 - for when I'm too lazy to mic my amp (which is all the time)
✶ iZotope Vinyl - everyone's favorite free-to-play plugin
✶ FabFilter - the whole plugin suite for EQ, de-essing, and filtering
✶ iZotope Neutron - the whole plugin suite, but especially for compression/denoising